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Lover of all things weddings

Hi! I'm a 27 year old wedding photographer in central Arkansas who's inspired by bold colors, natural light and couples that are head over heels in love. When I'm not shooting, you'll find me playing with my weenie dogs & watching Real Housewives. I'm super passionate about weddings - I could talk weddings for hours. I've been shooting weddings for 9 years now (wow, thats a long time!). I love when clients become friends by the time the wedding day rolls around and everything just works so naturally. I try my best to bring every couple out of their shells, crack stupid jokes and tell crazy stories to make them laugh and forget about being nervous in front of the camera. I'd love grabbing coffee and hearing about couples to see if we'd be a good fit!

Behind the Lens

All about Benjamin Martin Photography


The man behind the camera


After high school, I attended Henderson State for one year pursuing a career in musical performance before I left to start my own business. I've been traveling all over the south and shooting beautiful weddings ever since!

In 2020, I married my husband, Sydney. We have the most beautiful little boy named Remington, who's the light of my life.

My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is the connections and memories I've made over the years with such a vast diversity of people. It's not lost on me how much of an honor it is to be chosen to document one of the most important moments of a couple's lives!

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose" - Dolly Parton

Why Benjamin?

Benjamin brings almost 10 years of experience in the wedding photography industry to every single wedding he shoots. When you hire him, you're not just getting a photographer. You're getting someone who you can text at random hours of the day with little questions about your wedding that might be on your mind. Someone who helps connect you to best & most trustworthy vendors in the industry. Someone who will help coordinate and design your wedding timeline in the most efficient way possible to keep everything running smoothly and stress free. Someone who is three steps ahead of all the moving parts of your day, whether it be bringing you water before you know you're thirsty, drying off bouquets prior to photos, making sure groomsmen's boutonnieres are pinned, has napkins ready for you immediately after cake cutting so your makeup doesn't getting messed up, watches the weather for your engagement session intensely for weeks to make sure you have the best elements possible, and who absorbs all your wedding related stress and talks you through any unexpected inconveniences that might arise on your wedding day.


Weenie dogs

I have three of the world's sweetest dachshunds. I'm that obnoxious person

who sees someone walking their dachshund down the street and has to stop them to chat and ask their names, etc.


Those who knows me personally are constantly disgusted by how many times

I can eat pizza within one week and never tire of it. We actually had our favorite

pizza place cater our wedding (it was the BEST!)

Gaga + T Swift

Superfan of these two ladies.

I know it sounds cliche, but their music has inspired me for so many years and helped mold me into the person I am today.

Reality tv + Video Games

When I'm not shooting weddings or editing, you'll find me watching every single city of the Real Housewife franchise or playing video games.

Current video game obsessions are: Overwatch, Hearthstone, Dead by Daylight, & Animal Crossing.

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