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Have you heard the news? I'm retiring!


I’ve officially booked my last wedding EVER. It’s bittersweet to announce my final wedding will be in Oct 2024! It sounds crazy to say that out loud.


When I started my photography business at 18, I hoped I could do it for a bit, while I figure out what I wanted to “do” with my life. Fast forward: I’ll be wrapping my final wedding almost 15 YEARS later. I never imagined the kind of career I’d have, the people I would connect with and places I’d get to travel & shoot. I quickly fell in love with the entire world of weddings and never looked back. I’ve made so many lifelong friends with couples/vendors over all these years. (Bonus points if you can name my original biz in the comments).


But like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives (sorry, had to). After so much reflection, I’ve made this decision to have more time to spend with my family. The wedding photographer schedule is so unique. I can always tell you what I’m going to be doing on each weekend 1-2 years in advance. As seasons change, those weekends are now turning into ball games, birthdays, milestones and memories missed.


It will never be lost on me how lucky and blessed I have been to be able to do something I love for all these years.


What’s next for me? Stay tuned for that!

But for now - I’m soooo stoked to capture all of my killer weddings on the books for the next 14 months! To all my couples - I cannot wait to celebrate with you guys and I’ll be savoring all these moments. I’m even more excited than ever to document all of your wedding days!


Love to you all,


Benjamin Martin

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