Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, I get it! Planning a wedding is hard. But I'm here to help! Here's some common

questions that I get from a lot of couples.


How do I book?

First, shoot me a message and let's find out if I'm available for your date and if our personalities are a good match!

Then, 1/3rd of the selected collection (non-refundable retainer) + signed contacts gets the date secured for you!

The remaining balance can be paid in payments, or all at once - with the full balance being due 30 days prior to the wedding date.

I accept credit cards, cash app, Venmo, PayPal.


Will you be the photographer on my wedding day?

Yep! I'll always be the primary photographer for each wedding I book. I have a great group of second photographers

that are available as well if you decided you want to add that on to your collection.


How many images do we receive? Can we have every single image?

Every wedding is so different and the amount of content varies a lot!

For engagements/bridals I choose about 100-150 of the best shots.

For weddings, you can typically expect 100-150 images per hour that I'm contracted for in your final gallery.

You'll receive every shot that's worthy of being in your final gallery.

You get the best of the best! The only thing I cut out are duds, anything that might be unflattering, and test shots!



Will all of our images be edited?

Yes! All images are color corrected and edited to make a beautiful cohesive gallery.

I pick a some favorites that I think you'll love the most to give a little more attention to as well.


What is a bridal session?

If you're not originally from the south, the concept of a bridal session might be confusing!

The main purpose of these sessions is to get some beautiful shots of just the bride (typically 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding date)

so that she can have a big framed portrait displayed at the reception!


Will you pose us?

I bring 10 years of experience in the wedding world, so I'll help walk you through a mix of poses

while still capturing natural moments of you guys too. I like to pride myself on the fact that I

never let there be an awkward moment where my couples feel like they're just standing around not knowing what to do or

feel uncomfortable!


Can I give you a shot list?

If there's some specific sentimental things that might be out of the norm, definitely let me know that!

But I work best when my couples trust my 10 years of experience to get all of those traditional things you'll want.

From getting ready details to the final sendoff. Also, working from a checklist with things like "cake, cake cutting, first dance)

just slow most professional photographers down who already are comfortable with the flow of wedding days!


What is the estimated delivery time for our photos?

Full galleries are delivered around 8-10 weeks after your wedding date, depending on the season!

I always do a big sneak peek the day after your wedding day for lots of previews and to use as announcement posts!

Engagements are delivered 4-5 weeks after the session, but I also always shoot you some preview images if you're

working with a save the date deadline!









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